Hamza Software Engineer

Be Thankful


You are alive and you can read this, be thankful, there is a lot of dead forgotten people out there.

You can think and distinguish between the bad and the good, you are not fool, be thankful.

You can see this beautiful world, you have two eyes,there are countless blind human being, be thankful.

You have legs and you can go wherever you want, be thankful.

You have hands you can touch anything you like, be thankful.

You have parents, think about the ones who don’t, be thankful.

You have a house, think about the homeless people, be thankful.

You are educated, be thankful.

Even if you don’t have some of the previous things, think about the things you have and others don’t, be thankful.

If you are like me, i assume you won’t sold your eyes and some other parts(at least)of your body for any amount of money, congratulation you are rich, be Thankful.

Life is too short, stop complaining and be thankful.

…… and the list goes on, in fact you can’t count the number of things that you should be thankful for, therefore be thankful, i’m sure good things are coming our way.

Thanks for you time and hope you find it a gentle reminder.