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A Must-have List Of Plugins For Sublime Text


Sublime text is one of the most if not the most flexible hackable code editor, available for all OS with a huge list of plugins to make it even better.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the indispensable plugins that you need to install if you want to gain a huge amount of time when using sublime text , without too much talking let’s get directly to the list.

Files handling

Files handling is an essential part of any project, because we find our selves creating, opening a lot of files and folders.Using the traditional way(opening a file using the openfile dialog or moving the mouse around to do the job) can cost us some time and that is when the following list comes to play :

  • AdvancedNewFile : This plugin is excellent for creating folders and files, it can create files even if the parent folder doesn’t exist yet, which is cool and time saver .

  • iOpener : With this plugin we can open files from any location in our computer.

Color highlighting

Those plugins are pretty convenient when it comes to picking and choosing colors especially with CSS.

  • Color highlighter : As the name says, it is a color highlighter so we can write the hex or rgb code for a color and we get an instantly color changing according to the given color code.

  • ColorPicker : This is useful when we want to pick a color and we forgot or don’t know exactly its corresponding code.


  • HTML-CSS-JS Prettify : A plugin for prettifying HTML-CSS-JS.

  • Nettuts+ Fetch : This is useful if we have a defined list of plugins or libraries and we need to add them to our current project. However, with the appearance of front-end tools like bower and others, handling dependencies is not an issue anymore SO we can ignore this plugin, BUT for the sake of not leaving the code editor i think you may want to keep it around.

Strings manipulation Related

  • Case Convertion : An awesome plugin to convert strings and switch cases from camel case to snake case to whatever case you want.

Note : This article was originally published on medium